Program Structure

As the landscape of youth soccer continues to evolve, USL has unveiled a player development model for future USL Academies and their participation in the USL Academy League, a first-of-its-kind competition designed to create the clearest path possible to professional soccer, with a direct & immediate connection to the local USL senior team.


Player Development Standards

USL will be implementing a set of minimum standards with which our clubs must meet in order to field a USL Academy team. These will focus on areas that directly impact the development of the club’s pre-professional youth players, including but not limited to: staffing requirements; use of technology & analytics; integration of sport science, nutrition & peak performance drivers; access to appropriate training facilities; use of individual development plans; etc.

NC Fusion Academy 2021

  • Season: May-July (mirror USL 2 season)
  • Games: 6x verses other USL A clubs (Home = Bryan Park Stadium/Highpoint Rockers Stadium)
  • Practice: 3x week (Bryan Park, GSO)
  • Squad size: 24x players max (18 rostered for game day)
  • Age Groups: U15, U16, U17, U19
  • Squad positions offered by April
  • Coaches: current Level 1 staff
  • Cost: $350 per player (includes training attire)
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