Sam BaconCenter Midfielder

    Player Profile

    Personal Facts

    Full name: Sam Bacon
    Nationality/ Birth city: USA/ Houston, Texas
    Position/ Uniform #: Center Midfielder/ #6

    Nickname: Sam
    Birthday: July 3, 1999
    Height/ Weight: 5’10”/ 165lbs

    Player Facts

    Academic interest

    Favorite Quote
    “What you do when no one else is looking will determine how good you’ll be.” – Anson Dorrance

    Do you have a favorite superhero? 
    Batman…he definitely has the coolest gear of all the superheroes.

    Do you have any role models? 
    Frank Lampard. I am a huge Chelsea fan and I always admired Lampard because of his consistency, leadership, and ability.

    Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?
    Spending time with family and friends, reading, and playing video games.

    What is your favorite fruit?

    Do you have a favorite memory playing soccer growing up?
    Playing soccer in the street with my friends for hours during the summer.

    Who is your favorite musician or artist? 
    J Balvin. I like his style, and his music always relaxes me and makes me feel good.

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