USL 2 Background

USL League Two is the leader in pre-professional soccer in North America. The USL League holds a vital role as it continues to provide the elite platform for those pursuing professional careers domestically and internationally. Throughout the United States and Canada, League Two franchises continue to provide top pre-professional players the opportunity to train and compete at the highest level while maintaining their collegiate eligibility. With ownership of teams coming from the likes of MLS and USL franchises as well as leading business and sports individuals, League Two serves as the leading development platform for the game both on and off the field.

The Seasons

USL League Two regular season takes place during the summer from early May to mid-July. Each team will play 14-matches scheduled against their respective divisional opponents, seven at home and seven away. In the conferences with three divisions, each winner, plus the highest-finishing second-place team in the conference, advances to the playoffs. The playoffs occur in late July, with each conference champion advancing to the national semifinals and the winners of those matches advancing to the USL League Two Championship in early August.

The US Soccer Pyramid

League Two is more than the leading national pre-professional league. The defined and proven pathway for players to progress to the ranks of professional soccer, while its clubs become fixtures in the communities where they operate.


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